SPQ 000: Welcome to Self-Publishing Questions

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Welcome to Self-Publishing Questions

Welcome to the Self-Publishing Questions show, where bestselling author Steve Scott answers listener questions related to building a successful book-based business. In the inaugural episode, Steve introduces the podcast and explains how to submit questions.

Introducing Steve Scott

Here’s a brief introduction about Steve’s background (for more, check out his About page.):

  • After dabbling in a variety of businesses and blogging about almost everything, Steve learned the value of focusing on just one niche.
  • In February 2012, he packaged some of his blog posts in a book and started selling the book on Amazon. He sold a few copies, but the book didn’t really take off.
  • When he wrote a second book, he put the first book in the KDP Select. KDP Select gives authors five days to give their books away for free during every 90-day period. Surprisingly, Steve started selling five to 10 copies of the first book each day.
  • He then went on a seven-week trip with his fiancée (who was his girlfriend at the time). During the trip, he kept thinking there was something to be said for Kindle publishing. Instead of blogging, he could write short books on very specific topics and publish them on Amazon.
  • He started writing more books in September 2012. After making some mistakes, he started writing a series of habit books that really took off.

About Self-Publishing Questions (SPQ)

There are a lot of great podcasts out there, but many of them have weekly episodes lasting 30 to 90 minutes.

Steve didn’t want to reinvent the wheel by creating yet another interview-based podcast with lengthy episodes. Instead, he created Self-Publishing Questions to provide actionable advice listeners can immediately apply to their businesses.

Steve finds that trying to implement several pieces of advice at a time quickly gets overwhelming, so he’s going to answer just one question in each short episode.

What You’ll Learn from SPQ

Listeners will learn how to use the controversial “Ready. Fire. Aim.” approach to make breakthroughs in their self-publishing businesses. Steve will also explain how to avoid major mistakes that have cost him time and money.

There are currently nine episodes of SPQ available. Check them out and use the information to start building a successful business. To submit a question, go to http://www.speakpipe.com/SPQ to leave a message.

Habit Books: Steve’s catalog of books on habit development

@HabitsGuy: Steve’s Twitter handle

Ask a Question: Submit a question for the Self-Publishing Questions podcast

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