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SPQ 062: Street Teams: The Key to Advanced Reviews and Initial Buzz for Your Books

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The Question

Nick asks: I have heard you, on several occasions, talk about your “street team” in regard to how you get reviews for your books when you launch them. I understand the concept with asking your list for the review, but how do you go about it? Do you just simply ask them to post favorable reviews if they enjoyed the book? I have been building lots of lists with Kindle and haven’t really tapped into them for reviews yet; I would really love to hear your thoughts on that.

Biggest Takeaway

Steve’s Answer

Reviews are really important. Not only do they tell people good things and bad things about your book, they also affect Amazon’s ranking algorithm. There are a lot of paid promotion sites that require a certain number of reviews before they will even consider promoting your book. Finally, if you don’t have any reviews, people might not be willing to give your book a try. Continue reading

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