SPQ 039: 30 Days Post-Launch, What’s the Best Way to Revive Sales?

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The Question…

Ted asks via email:

“I published a book recently – Sugar Detox – and it did very well at the start but has now tapered off quite a bit. Do you have any secrets on how to revive books that have slowed down after the initial burst? It’s been about 3 weeks since publication, and I followed the Free – .99 cents – $2.99 format in KDP.”

Biggest Takeaway…

[Tweet “The “one and done” book model no longer works. “]

The Answer…

For self-publishers, making sales and reviving flagging sales are two of the biggest concerns. There is increasing competition on Amazon, even though there are a lot of gurus who say Amazon is full of opportunity and infinite abundance. There are a lot more writers who are writing for the same audience, so Steve says the Kindle “gold rush” is over. Gone are the days of throwing a book on Amazon and making a lot of sales without doing any work.

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SPQ 013: Author Platform — What’s the Step-By-Step Plan to Build an Audience?

Author Platform: What’s the Step-By-Step Plan to Build an Audience?

The Question…

Jane is a new author who wants to build her platform while she writes a book. She wants to know a simple step-by-step plan for building and maintaining an author platform.

Biggest Takeaway…

[Tweet “Your book interior is the perfect place to let people know about your email list. “]

Steve’s Answer…

Steve feels all of his success is due to having an established author platform.

He recommends following the 80/20 rule when building a platform: focus on what works and ignore what doesn’t. Steve says the focal point of every independent author’s platform should be an email list.

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