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SPQ 056: Sales Events: The #1 Strategy for Increasing Lagging Book Sales

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Steve has a special offer for listeners of the Self-Publishing Questions podcast. He is having a St. Patrick’s Day sale featuring seven of his titles, five of which are especially helpful for listeners of SPQ:

  • Writing Habit Mastery
  • To Do List Makeover
  • Master Evernote
  • 115 Productivity Apps
  • The Daily Entrepreneur

Each book is on sale for $0.99 in the U.S. or 99 pence in the UK. The sale runs from March 11 to March 18. You can find out more on the SPQ website.

Biggest Takeaway

Simple Book Marketing: Increasing Lagging Sales

Book sales are an important part of Steve’s overall strategy, especially between launches. If you release a book in February and won’t have another one ready until April, it’s good to have a book sale sometime in March. This can help you generate a lot of sales between new releases. Continue reading


SPQ 046: $0.99 Book Launch: How Long Does it Take for Amazon to Drive Organic Sales?

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The Question

Derek Doepker of ExcuseProof.com wants to know how long you should keep a book at 99 cents and promote to your list before you let Amazon take over and start driving organic sales.

Biggest Takeaway

The Answer

Derek Doepker is a very successful Kindle author and marketer in his own right. His product, “Hooks for Books,” includes some great examples of engaging titles that pull readers in. Continue reading

SPQ 040: Free Books – Do They Tick Off Paying Customers?

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The Question…

Tom asks via email:

“If people buy your book, and later you give it away for free or discount it, do you get any negative feedback from those who purchased at full price?”

Biggest Takeaway…

The Answer…

This question is from Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, who is a very prolific writer and a great example of someone who takes action. One-third of his sales come from print books, one-third from audiobooks, and one-third from Kindle. He does a great job finding a good balance with all of his different product lines. Continue reading


SPQ 039: 30 Days Post-Launch, What’s the Best Way to Revive Sales?

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The Question…

Ted asks via email:

“I published a book recently – Sugar Detox – and it did very well at the start but has now tapered off quite a bit. Do you have any secrets on how to revive books that have slowed down after the initial burst? It’s been about 3 weeks since publication, and I followed the Free – .99 cents – $2.99 format in KDP.”

Biggest Takeaway…

The Answer…

For self-publishers, making sales and reviving flagging sales are two of the biggest concerns. There is increasing competition on Amazon, even though there are a lot of gurus who say Amazon is full of opportunity and infinite abundance. There are a lot more writers who are writing for the same audience, so Steve says the Kindle “gold rush” is over. Gone are the days of throwing a book on Amazon and making a lot of sales without doing any work. Continue reading