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SPQ 074: Ghostwriting – How Do You Find Quality Writers for Kindle Books?


The Question

Tobias asks: I’m looking for quality ebook writers. I’m looking to outsource the writing of some Kindle books, and I’m having a hard time finding people who produce quality. I’ve been primarily using Odesk, and my experience so far is that they are writing the ebooks, but the English is not as good as the writers’ resumes and our conversations would imply. I’m frustrated with that. How do you acquire quality ebook writers to write your Kindle books, if you are using any?

Biggest Takeaway

Steve’s Answer

Hiring a writer is not necessarily Steve’s recommended strategy for self-publishing. He hires writers for other aspects of his business, but to create the content, he uses other writers very sparingly. Continue reading

SPQ 069: Teams 101 – The Best Way to Scale Your Author Business

Cutout paper people on wooden table

The Question

Gregg asks: I have a question about your business setup. Since you are publishing so many books, you must have someone on staff that helps with the editing and stuff, right? Do you have someone on your actual team, or do you just outsource the work?

Biggest Takeaway

Steve’s Answer

Gregg helped put together the audio intro and outro for SPQ. Steve really appreciates his help.

Gregg asked specifically about editors, but he asked about building teams around books, so Steve decided to take this question and turn it into a larger question about building a team. Continue reading


SPQ 061: Five Questions: Multiple Accounts, Uploading New Books, Proofreading, Different Author Pages, and Amazon Ad Campaigns

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We’re starting a new segment called “Five Questions.” Steve will take five of the questions he’s gotten and answer them in a rapid-fire manner. He’s doing this because some questions only require a simple response, so he can’t devote an entire episode to them.

Some of the questions have already been covered, so he also doesn’t want to dedicate another full episode to something that has already been discussed. Right now, Steve has 120 questions in the queue, so this is a good way to make sure everything is covered. It can also help this podcast provide more value for listeners.

Even though there are a lot of questions waiting to be answered, Steve will get to them all, so don’t hesitate to submit a question via SpeakPipe or email. Continue reading


SPQ 054: How to Determine the Tax Deductions for Your Author Business

Typing numbers for income tax return with pen and calculator

The Question

Alex Kirby of the “Life After Football” blog asks: When it comes to itemizing deductions on your business taxes, do you consider the entire price of the book as revenue, then deduct the cost of printing and whatever Amazon takes out before you get your cut, or do you only start with the royalty you get for each book? For example, if I have a book that sells $19.99 and costs $2.50 to print, do you deduct the $2.50 as an expense?

Biggest Takeaway

Steve’s Answer

Self-Publishing Questions has been on hiatus for two weeks. Steve had a rough transition when he got home from hiking Mount Kilimanjaro, plus he had some trouble getting back into the swing of things in terms of motivation. He apologizes for the unscheduled break.

From now on, the podcast will run Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Continue reading