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SPQ 062: Street Teams: The Key to Advanced Reviews and Initial Buzz for Your Books

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The Question

Nick asks: I have heard you, on several occasions, talk about your “street team” in regard to how you get reviews for your books when you launch them. I understand the concept with asking your list for the review, but how do you go about it? Do you just simply ask them to post favorable reviews if they enjoyed the book? I have been building lots of lists with Kindle and haven’t really tapped into them for reviews yet; I would really love to hear your thoughts on that.

Biggest Takeaway

Steve’s Answer

Reviews are really important. Not only do they tell people good things and bad things about your book, they also affect Amazon’s ranking algorithm. There are a lot of paid promotion sites that require a certain number of reviews before they will even consider promoting your book. Finally, if you don’t have any reviews, people might not be willing to give your book a try. Continue reading

SPQ 047: Polling Your Audience: How to Identify What Your Crowd Really Wants

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When Steve started the Self-Publishing Questions podcast, he assumed people wanted new episodes seven days per week. Then he thought about the “Ask Pat” podcast. Steve travels a lot, so when it comes to a daily podcast, he tends to lose track. Then trying to catch up on past episodes is too much work, so he ends up listening to a one-day-a-week podcast so it’s easier to keep up.

He started to wonder if daily episodes were overwhelming for the SPQ audience, so he sent an email with two questions. How many episodes per week do you prefer? What information product would you prefer?

Surprisingly, 76 percent of the people who responded said they want three episodes per week. Therefore, Steve is switching to three episodes per week to see how it works.

Steve would love to hear your opinion, so please take the poll and let him know what you think.

Biggest Takeaway


The lesson here is that you should never assume you know what your audience wants. If you ask questions, your audience members will tell you things you have never even thought about. Continue reading

SPQ 045: Hate eBooks! How Do I Get Print Book Readers to Check Out My Titles?

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The Question

Jon Jorgenson just published his third book, but it’s his first book through KDP. Members of his audience are having a hard time understanding how they can order the book if they don’t have the Kindle app or a Kindle device. He thinks this is limiting his sales. What is the best way to educate an audience that is used to buying print books on how they can easily buy Kindle books?

Biggest Takeaway

The Answer

The obvious answer is to use CreateSpace to give audience members the chance to buy a print version of the book. Some people want print books and don’t enjoy the ebook reading experience. Tom “Big Al” Schreiter makes 30 percent of his income from print books, so there’s nothing wrong with offering a print option to readers. It only costs about $50 to $200 to get a print book on CreateSpace. Another option is to use Lightning Source to distribute to larger platforms. Continue reading