How Many Pages Is 20000 Words In A Book?

“How many pages are 20000 words in a book?” It’s one of the questions we get to hear all the time.

The number of words of course affects the length of the book, which in turn may affect the price and sales.

And so, how many pages should you expect a 20000-word book to be?

Using standard font, margins, and spacing, a 20000-word count will result in about 40 pages. This is of course if you’re using single spacing. If you use double spacing, that would approximately be 80 pages.

In other words, a 20000-word book is not too long, and would likely fit comfortably on your shelf or within your carry-on luggage.

While the number of pages in a 20000-word book is important to know, don’t get too caught up on it.

The most important thing is that you’re writing a book that’s enjoyable to read, and one that will engage your audience from start to finish. And so, whether your book is 40 pages or 80 pages, make sure the content is well-written and engaging.

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