SPQ 011: Should I Submit a Book to Amazon.com or Amazon.ca?

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Should I Submit a Book to Amazon.com or Amazon.ca

The Question…

Patrick, a writer based in Canada, says he struggles with deciding where he should put his content. Should he use Amazon.ca or Amazon.com? Is there is a difference?

Biggest Takeaway…

Steve’s Answer…

There’s really no difference between Amazon.com and Amazon.ca. If you create an account in your home country, your content can be distributed on Amazon.com, Amazon.de, Amazon.uk, and all the other Amazon platforms. You don’t need multiple accounts to distribute your books all over the world.

You want to look at two areas when you enter your book details on Amazon:

  1. Language
  2. Verify Your Publishing Territories

On Amazon.com, the language defaults to English, so you have to be careful when posting a book in a foreign language. When Steve posted a book written in German, he forgot to change the language from English to German. As a result, the book was not displayed in the time management/productivity category on Amazon.de. Instead, it was listed as a foreign language book.

When you look at your publishing territories, you can choose worldwide rights or specify where you want to publish your content. Steve recommends choosing worldwide rights, but it’s good to know that you can pick and choose your territories.

Sticking with your home country is probably easiest when it comes to taxes and legal issues, so Steve advises Patrick to start with Amazon.ca and go from there.

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