SPQ 009 – How Do I Publish on Amazon Using a Pen Name or Pseudonym?

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SPQ 009 – How Do I Publish on Amazon Using a Pen Name or Pseudonym?

The Question…

Daniel wants to know if it’s possible to publish a Kindle book under a pseudonym and how to do it through Amazon.

Biggest Takeaway…

Steve’s Answer…

Many people wonder whether they should publish under their own name or use a pseudonym. Steve is especially qualified to answer this question because Steve Scott is actually his pen name. Back in 2005, he used his real name and home address on the World Wide Web. One day, a stranger knocked on his door and started asking questions about things Steve had written. It was a scary experience, especially when he thought about what might happen once he got married and had kids. He decided to use a pen name to insulate his personal life from his professional life.

 Using a pseudonym has pros and cons. One of the biggest advantages is the ability to protect your privacy. When you use a pen name in combination with a post office box, it is very difficult for someone to find you. Some entrepreneurs use pen names to prevent people from copying their websites or hurting their businesses. Using a pseudonym also gives you the freedom to try new things. If you want to write a racy book, you can do so without worrying that your friends or family members will find out about it.

One of the biggest drawbacks is that people may feel like you are hiding something. You don’t get the opportunity to show your friends how successful you are because your books aren’t published under your real name. It can also be confusing, especially if you attend in-person events where you register under your real name and use your pen name to introduce yourself to others.

If you decide to use a pen name, you can use it on Amazon. The big drawback is that you can’t have more than three separate author accounts. When you’re ready to upload a book, go to Amazon’s Author Central to claim your pen name. Create an account if you haven’t already done so.

Here’s how to claim your book on Author Central and create a pen name:

Choose Books –> Add More Books –> Enter Title –> This is my book

Go through these menu options and you will be prompted to create an author name.

Think very carefully about the pseudonym you choose because it’s very hard to change once you use it all over the Web.

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