SPQ 001: How Do You Balance Productive Writing with Daily Inspiration?

Balance Productive Writing with Daily Inspiration

Staying productive isn’t always easy when you have a lot of ideas. In this episode, Steve gives tips for getting things done without stifling your creativity.

The Question…

Kristi wants to know how to allocate enough time to get work done but still allow room for inspiration when it strikes. She has seven different ideas, including her dissertation topic, and she often falls down a rabbit hole while she is doing research.

Biggest Takeaway…

Steve’s Answer…

Steve says it’s good to have a lot of ideas because it shows you have inspiration. The key is turning ideas into something tangible. He suggests: Continue reading


SPQ 000: Welcome to Self-Publishing Questions

Welcome to Self-Publishing Questions

Welcome to the Self-Publishing Questions show, where bestselling author Steve Scott answers listener questions related to building a successful book-based business. In the inaugural episode, Steve introduces the podcast and explains how to submit questions.

Introducing Steve Scott

Here’s a brief introduction about Steve’s background (for more, check out his About page.): Continue reading

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