SPQ 004: Should I Focus on One Book Niche at a Time?

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Should I Focus on One Book Niche at a Time?

Some independent authors publish in multiple niches, while others focus on just one topic. In this episode, find out which strategy Steve recommends.

The Question…

Mia from SkinBrushingDetox.com asks,

“Do you think people should just focus on one niche? How many niches should you focus on? How about people with a lot of different interests?”

Biggest Takeaway…

Steve’s Answer…

Steve says he made the mistake of focusing on multiple niches early in his publishing career. Had he focused on one niche and built one audience, he could have been more successful.

Focusing on just one niche makes it easier to convince people to buy books. It’s seven times harder to get a new customer than market to an existing one, so you want your customers to check out all of your books. This is hard to do if you’re dabbling in multiple niches.

Building an audience is also a lot of hard work. You need to:

  • Create a lead magnet (a free report given to people to sign up for your email list)
  • Do free promotions on Amazon, manage your email list
  • Promote your books via blogging, podcasts, YouTube videos, and other channels.

It is very difficult to do this for several book niches.

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