SPQ 076: How Do You Balance Book Marketing with Writing?

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The Question

Marie asks via email: “I released my book on Amazon on April 7.  I did the KDP Free promotion and am now doing a week for $0.99. I will gradually move it to $2.99.  I know you said to keep writing books, but when is the best time to move on to the next book? I feel that I’m chasing the ‘Amazon Best Sellers Rank’ on my current book, trying to keep it “above water.” How do you balance and not go crazy?”

Biggest Takeaway

Steve’s Answer

Marie’s book is “Just a Little More Money.” Steve took a look at the book, and he noticed it’s currently at a 12,000 ranking. That’s great for a first book. It’s currently listed at $1.99, so Marie should consider changing it to $2.99. It won’t make much of a difference in sales, but it will make a big difference in her earnings.

In episode 8, Steve talked about managing multiple book projects. He advised authors to have several books in development at the same time. Steve has one book he’s thinking about, one book he’s currently writing, and a book he’s currently marketing.

Check out the free checklist available on the SPQ website. Print it out and work through it every time you start a new book.

You don’t want to have a moment in your business where you’re doing just one activity. You always need to be working on getting a new book into the marketplace.

In Steve’s opinion, your sales ranking is mostly a vanity metric. It’s nice to have after doing all the right things, but it’s more important to have a book catalog than it is to get a good ranking for just one book.

Spend about one or two weeks on your book launch. Ask for reviews, promote to your email list, and reach out to people in your niche. Then start working on your next book. Writing should be one of your 80/20 activities.

Make sure you do your writing during the time of day you have the most energy. A lot of people are more productive early in the morning, but you might be more alert in the afternoon or late at night.

The best way to promote “Just a Little More Money” is to go out there and write another book. Steve has noticed a significant jump in sales for his previous books when he releases a new book. After someone buys one of your books, they are more likely to buy other books in your catalog.

Your goal should be to build a group of loyal fans who buy all of your books.

Resources and Links

Just a Little More Money: Read Marie’s book to find out how to save $1,000 for your vacation in just 30 days

SPQ 008: Steve talks about managing multiple projects

Steve’s Catalog: Check out Steve’s books for information on writing books and running a self-publishing business

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