SPQ 061: Five Questions: Multiple Accounts, Uploading New Books, Proofreading, Different Author Pages, and Amazon Ad Campaigns

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We’re starting a new segment called “Five Questions.” Steve will take five of the questions he’s gotten and answer them in a rapid-fire manner. He’s doing this because some questions only require a simple response, so he can’t devote an entire episode to them.

Some of the questions have already been covered, so he also doesn’t want to dedicate another full episode to something that has already been discussed. Right now, Steve has 120 questions in the queue, so this is a good way to make sure everything is covered. It can also help this podcast provide more value for listeners.

Even though there are a lot of questions waiting to be answered, Steve will get to them all, so don’t hesitate to submit a question via SpeakPipe or email.

Question 1

Anonymous asks: How can you set up more than one KDP account?

Honestly, Amazon is very strict with this. All of your Amazon accounts are connected with a Social Security number (Steve thinks). The only way to set up another account is to get an EIN or tax ID number. Check with Amazon before doing this to make sure it complies with their terms of service.

Question 2

Michael asks: When you upload a new version or add more content to an ebook on Amazon, do you lose the reviews?

The short answer is no. You’re just changing the content of the book. The only way you lose reviews is if you publish a brand-new book with a new product page, ASIN, and so on. This happens with the “For Dummies” books. They have much of the same content, but each version is updated.

When you update a new book, previous readers won’t see automatic updates unless you set a notification for them, but new readers will.

In episode 52, Steve explained how to set automatic updates for customers.

Question 3

John asks: I have a couple of books on Amazon. I’m using the same author page for both books, which are in different genres. How do I create different author pages for each genre?

Steve covered this in detail in episode 9. The short answer is you can create a different page by going to Amazon Author Central. What you can do is create up to three pen names. You have to claim your book and attach it to a certain pen name.

Episode 9 includes step-by-step detail for creating a pen name and setting up a profile for it in Author Central.

Question 4

Eric: Is it ever possible to effectively proofread your own books? Do you have any referrals? What are some ways to save money on proofreading?

You absolutely want to proofread your own books before sending them to editors. Do as good a job as possible on your end. That said, Steve does not recommend proofreading the final version yourself. It’s hard to catch all of your mistakes, such as grammar errors and typos.

Steve’s writing improved as soon as he started hiring professional editors. He reviews their changes and figures out what he needs to do to improve his content. He went into the process of hiring editors in episode 12.

Eric asked for recommendations, but Steve prefers to send referrals via email. Check out the SPQ Resources page. Send an email from there, and Steve will help with your question.

Editing is probably one of the most important investments you make in your book. If you try to cut corners, it could lead to an inferior product, damaging your business in the long run. You can post a job on Elance or Odesk. Have a few people edit 400 to 500 words to test them. Make mistakes on purpose and see if any of the editors catch them. If they don’t, they might not be the right editors for you.

Steve cautions against looking for the cheapest service. Editing can help your business in the long-term if you work with someone who knows what they are doing.

Question 5

Armon asks: What’s your take on the ad campaigns on KDP? Any tips on using this feature?

Steve isn’t impressed so far with Amazon’s ad campaigns. He doesn’t see a return on his investment because he’s not getting many clicks. He gave some detailed feedback on the new program in episode 58.

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