SPQ 044: What Messages Do You Send to an Email List?

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The Question…

You’ve talked about how to build your actual platform, but what do you do with an email list once you have it?

Biggest Takeaway…

The Answer…

Lise Cartwright is a very prolific writer who’s doing a lot of great things in the self-publishing space. Steve feels she is someone who is going somewhere in this industry.

In episode 7, Steve outlined his entire email marketing strategy, but he didn’t dive into some aspects of the email autoresponder and the broadcast message. If you have any questions about email marketing, reach out and let him know what topics you want to learn more about.

There are two aspects of email marketing: autoresponders and broadcast messages. Autoresponders are more of a timed sequence. When someone joins, they get timed messages that you have written ahead of time. Broadcast messages are time-sensitive emails. The daily digest for this podcast is a broadcast message because it discusses SPQ episodes from the past seven days.

Steve says his autoresponder sequence is definitely a work in progress. When this episode goes live, he will be hiking Mount Kilimanjaro, but he is taking a scratch pad with him to figure out why type of sequence he needs for his Develop Good Habits list.

The current autoresponder sequence is 10 to 14 days, which is not that long. You can have a longer sequence set to send out certain messages on certain days of the week. The sequence can be as long as a year or two.

There are a number of autoresponder messages in Steve’s sequence.

  • Welcome message with free lead magnet
  • Download reminder
  • Permafree book announcement
  • App recommendation
  • Content-filled blog post
  • Affiliate product recommendation

This sequence is really light, and there is a lot more Steve can add to it. You can add the following to your sequence:

  • Social media engagement
  • Audience surveys
  • SlideShare presentations
  • Pillar books
  • Funny stories

The best autoresponder sequence focuses on readers and gets them to connect with you. Autoresponder Madness by Andre Chaperon is one of the best examples of putting together an autoresponder sequence. Andre talks about crafting an ongoing story to engage people in the emails.

When you send a broadcast message, you should segment your list so you’re only talking to people who have already received all of your autoresponder messages. You don’t want people who are still going through your autoresponder sequence to receive these broadcast emails. If your sequence is 10 days long, for example, make sure you’re only sending broadcast messages to people who joined the list at least 11 days ago.

Aweber List Segmentation

Steve emails his list once or twice per week, but sometimes he goes a week or two without sending a broadcast message.

This is how Steve uses his broadcast email messages:

  • New book announcements
  • Second-chance offers for people who didn’t buy yet
  • Asking questions
  • Promoting free or discounted books by other authors
  • Sharing high-value blog posts
  • Recommendations for tools, apps, or software
  • Book sales event announcements
  • Content-filled messages

Broadcast messages can be dry because you’re not necessarily writing about something fun. You do want to add some personality. Steve is using these elements:

  • Talk about what’s going on in his life
  • Bring up the holidays, if applicable
  • Funny topical stories
  • Non-sequiturs
  • Stories to illustrate certain concepts

Steve has the following advice for Lise:

  1. Map out your autoresponder sequence like a book outline. If you want readers to get from point A to point Z, map out how you are going to do that.
  2. Create a series that introduces how you are going to help readers and how your books will help readers.
  3. Use your broadcast messages to sell books and promote things going on in your book business.
  4. Add some quality content.

Resources and Links

Lise Cartwright: The author page of Lise Cartwright

SPQ 007: Steve outlines his email marketing strategy

Autoresponder Madness: Andre Chaperon explains how to craft an engaging autoresponder sequence

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