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SPQ 055: Audiobooks: More Subscribers or More Revenue?

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The Question

Michal Stawicki asks: Do your audiobooks actually add revenue to your business, or do you just use them to get more subscribers? How much money in Kindle sales do you need to make to make it worth investing in audiobook creation?

Biggest Takeaway

Steve’s Answer

Michal is an active Amazon author and a good example of someone who is trying to build a solid business. One of his recent books is “Trickle Down Mindset.”

Steve talked about audiobooks in episode 43 of Self-Publishing Questions. He talked about why he publishes audiobooks and explained some of the techniques he uses. Continue reading

SPQ 043: Should You Outsource the Narration of Your Audiobooks?

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The Question…

Rory wants to know why Steve outsources the narration of his audiobooks instead of reading the books himself. He heard that reading the book yourself helps bond your audience to you and helps you build the know, like, and trust factor.

Biggest Takeaway…

The Answer…

Rory asks a lot of great questions and participates heavily in Pat Flynn’s Kindle group. It’s obvious he cares about his self-publishing business. Continue reading


SPQ 022: CreateSpace vs. Kindle (Should You Pick One Over the Other?) vs. Kindle

The Question…

Barry asks if you should publish on CreateSpace and then Kindle or vice-versa?

Biggest Takeaway…

Steve’s Answer…

CreateSpace is a print-on-demand service. If you upload a digital file, people can order a print version of your book. One good thing about CreateSpace is that it syncs with your Kindle account. When people come across your Kindle book on Amazon, they also have the opportunity to buy a print copy of the book via CreateSpace. Continue reading