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SPQ 073: Five Questions: Non-U.S. Reviews, Author Follow Button, Media Liability Insurance, Formatting, and Udemy

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It’s time for another Five Questions segment. In this episode, Steve covers a variety of topics including finding your international reviews, if the Author Follow button works, media liability insurance, formatting, and putting a product on Udemy.

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SPQ 061: Five Questions: Multiple Accounts, Uploading New Books, Proofreading, Different Author Pages, and Amazon Ad Campaigns

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We’re starting a new segment called “Five Questions.” Steve will take five of the questions he’s gotten and answer them in a rapid-fire manner. He’s doing this because some questions only require a simple response, so he can’t devote an entire episode to them.

Some of the questions have already been covered, so he also doesn’t want to dedicate another full episode to something that has already been discussed. Right now, Steve has 120 questions in the queue, so this is a good way to make sure everything is covered. It can also help this podcast provide more value for listeners.

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