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SPQ 068: Perma-Free Book – Do I Need to Pull the Others From KDP Select?


The Question

Zach asks: When going perma-free on book one of a series, is it assumed that every book in your series needs to come out of KDP Select? I know to get perma-free status, you have to distribute to all of the platforms, so my first book would have to be pulled out of KDP Select. The thing is, I’m doing really well with borrows on Kindle Unlimited, so I’m not sure I’ll be ready to pull the entire series out of KDP Select once I write one or two more books and want to make the first book perma-free.

Biggest Takeaway

Steve’s Answer

Zach’s covers and descriptions look great. Steve recommends spending $10 or so and having a redirect link for your email list. Zach is currently using a link, which might change down the road, preventing people from finding his sign-up page. Continue reading


SPQ 044: What Messages Do You Send to an Email List?

email list

The Question…

You’ve talked about how to build your actual platform, but what do you do with an email list once you have it?

Biggest Takeaway…

The Answer…

Lise Cartwright is a very prolific writer who’s doing a lot of great things in the self-publishing space. Steve feels she is someone who is going somewhere in this industry. Continue reading


SPQ 007: What are the Best Email Marketing Practices as an Author?

SPQ 007: What are the Best Email Marketing Practices as an Author?

The Question…

Alexis of asked about best practices for email marketing. In this episode, Steve gives a behind-the-scenes look at how he markets his habit books via email.

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Steve’s Answer…

Email marketing is the lifeblood of Steve’s marketing, but there’s a lot that goes into it. The first thing you need is a lead magnet, or something you give to people who sign up for your email list. Steve uses AWeber, LeadPages and an opt-in box to collect email addresses and market to his list of subscribers. He currently has several traffic sources: Kindle books, SlideShare, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. In the future, he wants to test YouTube, podcasting, and paid traffic. Continue reading