How To Get An ISBN Number For A Self-published Book?

Do you want to know how to get an ISBN number for a self-published book?

If you have self-published a book, you will need to get an ISBN number.

This is a unique identifier that is assigned to books. It helps track sales and other information about your book.

In this blog post, we will discuss how to get an ISBN number for a self-published book.

We will also discuss the benefits of having one!

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How Do You Trademark A Book Title?

how to trademark a book title

If you are so much into writing books, it’s definite that your books are the most valuable thing to you.

And why not?

After all, it’s your hard work and creativity that has gone into making the book.

So, if you think somebody might misuse your book title for their benefit, you might think of trademarking it.

And yes, in this article, we will have a discussion on how to trademark a book title.

And as usual, let’s look at the first things first!

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SPQ 039: 30 Days Post-Launch, What’s the Best Way to Revive Sales?

Hands are making indecision signals

The Question…

Ted asks via email:

“I published a book recently – Sugar Detox – and it did very well at the start but has now tapered off quite a bit. Do you have any secrets on how to revive books that have slowed down after the initial burst? It’s been about 3 weeks since publication, and I followed the Free – .99 cents – $2.99 format in KDP.”

Biggest Takeaway…

[Tweet “The “one and done” book model no longer works. “]

The Answer…

For self-publishers, making sales and reviving flagging sales are two of the biggest concerns. There is increasing competition on Amazon, even though there are a lot of gurus who say Amazon is full of opportunity and infinite abundance. There are a lot more writers who are writing for the same audience, so Steve says the Kindle “gold rush” is over. Gone are the days of throwing a book on Amazon and making a lot of sales without doing any work.

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SPQ 037: How to Build Assets with Your Self-Publishing Business

Designer's Desk with Architectural Tools and Notebook

Introducing Self-Publishing Assets

In episode 36, Steve talked about some of his favorite books. One of those books is “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. Although Steve disagrees with a few aspects of Kiyosaki’s brand, he does agree with the idea of building assets.

Steve defines an asset as any item that generates cash flow. Your goal should be to build as many assets as possible. At the time of this recording, Steve technically has about 90 published assets, from Kindle books to audiobooks. He would like to add about 50 more assets to his portfolio in 2015.

Biggest Takeaway

[Tweet “Your goal should be to build as many assets as possible. “]

Joanna Penn covered this topic in a blog post titled “It’s Not Just One Book: Your Rights and How to Exploit Them.” She talks about how you can exponentially grow you portfolio with just one book. You can put the book in Kindle format, print format, or audio format; leverage foreign rights to the content; use the books to create information products; turn small pieces of content into apps; or license your content to other people.

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SPQ 034: Disappointing Book Sales – How Do I Increase Them?

spq34 header

The Question…

Julie from has had disappointing results with her book marketing. She wants to know what she can do about it.

Biggest Takeway…

[Tweet “Focus on one income strategy until you master it. “]

Steve’s Answer…

When Steve checked out Julie’s website, he noticed she is a doing a lot of the right things to build an author platform. She has her own podcast, writes blog posts, and has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Google+.

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SPQ 032: Can You Build a Book Business and Generate $10,000 Per Month?

american dollars in the handsThe Question…

Sherese asks, “What advice do you have for someone who wants to get into the Kindle business and has a dream of making $10,000 per month in residual income, but without an established platform?” She has always been attracted to Kindle and the idea of producing content for the Web.

Steve’s Answer…

A lot of people ask Steve how to make a certain amount of money per month. He says it’s very hard to make $10,000 per month. Even if you do everything right, it doesn’t always happen. Many full-time authors still haven’t reached their income goals. It’s not something you can do in a couple of months.

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SPQ 026: Should I “Americanize” My Author Name?

spq26 americanize name

The Question…

“I have a very ethnic name. Should I consider changing it to something more Americanized to help influence sales on Amazon? If I’m trying to brand myself as a writer, author, and entrepreneur, should I just leave my name the way it is and hope people focus more on the quality of my content than the ethnicity of my name?”

Biggest Takeaway…

[Tweet “Embrace your differences and be proud of your name.”]

Steve’s Answer…

Steve says Hung should not Americanize his name. In episode 9, Steve talked about some of the challenges he’s experienced with using a pen name.

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